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Get a free year subscription.

Finish the 30-day challenge!

Meditate 30 days consecutively with Rituality

and Get the Premium Plan one-year subscription for free.

We are dedicated to improve your quality of life because we all are searching for happiness and we believe everyone can live a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. Mindfulness practice is a scientifically proven way to achieve these goals.

RITUALITY will help you attain mindfulness without the distraction of verbal guidance.

By completing this challenge, you will pass the whole RITUALITY 4-LEVEL PROGRAM.

1. Basic Level

The easiest and most straightforward way to grasp meditation with a focus on breathing.

​2. Intermediate Level

A slightly more challenging way to continue with inner transformation focusing on the development of your skill to stay present, while concentrating on the object.

​3. Advanced Level

Combination of object meditation and objectless meditation practice with a focus on developing stability of awareness.

​4. Master Level

In the formal meditation ritual, the aim is to unblock your true nature and inner potential. Informal practice is the beginning of the lifelong quest to bring awareness, love, and compassion to everyday life.

After completing the 30-day challenge with Rituality, all participants will within one week receive an email at the Rituality email login address confirming the attribution of the year Premium Plan subscription. This campaign is valid until the end of 2022.

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