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Version 2.3

Version for the long-term meditators: Experienced meditators can unlock all features within the app, access all levels, tools and enter the number of meditation hours they have previously accomplished.


Version 2.0

Includes new meditation tools: Interval sound, Open time mode and Vibration mode. Overview of previous sessions and calendar view.

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1. Basic Level

The easiest and most straightforward way to grasp meditation with a focus on breathing.

2. Intermediate Level

A slightly more challenging way to continue with inner transformation focusing on the development of your skill to stay present, while concentrating on the object.

3. Advanced Level

Combination of object meditation and objectless meditation practice with a focus on developing stability of awareness.

4. Master Level

In the formal meditation ritual, the aim is to unblock your true nature and inner potential. Informal practice is the beginning of the lifelong quest to bring awareness, love, and compassion to everyday life.

RITUALITY is your lifelong partner for mindfulness.


Join millions of people meditating worldwide and start your journey to a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. Bring your meditation to another level by developing your full potential with our unique 4-level structure. RITUALITY is built on hundreds of years of traditional wisdom combined with knowledge from the scientific approach.


Meditation is about reminding yourself to come back to the present moment. You must do it yourself; not even your guide can walk this way for you. We will help you find your inner peace and attain mindfulness without the distraction of verbal guidance.


Are you searching for happiness in the place you can actually find it?


Begin this life-changing journey today!

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:

You can join our community at:

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In The Master Level, you can find the following mindfulness exercises.

Formal meditation practices:

  •   Compassion-Loving-Kindness meditation

  •   Inner Transformation meditation

  •   Awareness meditation


Informal meditation practices:

  •   Awareness in Everyday Life

  •   Awareness for Others

You can use RITUALITY as a self-paced meditation challenge to build a consistent daily habit. If you challenge yourself, the Master Level could be achieved within 30 days.



Meditation practice increases the level of mindfulness and you become more resilient, optimistic and happier. Meditation promotes coping mechanisms, increases positive emotions and life satisfaction, increases the immune system’s response, reduces negative emotions, stress, anxiety, depression and reduces chronic pain.


Mindfulness literally changes your brain. In particular, areas related to empathy, compassion, memory, learning, attention, self-awareness and self-regulation. Meditation shapes our brain by increasing gray matter in the hippocampus, the temporoparietal junction, posterior cingulate cortex and the cerebellum. It also boosts telomerase activity linked to longer life expectancy.


“You yourselves must strive;

the awakened ones only point the way.”



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